President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Ilham Aliyev attended the opening of the Baku “ASAN service” center No 4 of the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations

The opening of Baku “ASAN service” center No 4 of the State Agency for Public Services and Social Innovation under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan has been held.

The opening of the center was attended by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev.

Considerable work has been done in recent years to facilitate the use of information and communication technologies in the activities of government agencies and create the necessary legal framework. Most government agencies have succeeded in introducing the provision of electronic services to the population. Such services eliminate bureaucratic obstacles and prevent possible cases of corruption. On 13 July 2012, an even more important reform was carried out in this area, as the State Agency for Public Services and Social Innovation under the President and “ASAN service” centers subordinated it were set up. The objective of the State Agency was to ensure unified management of “ASAN service” centers, which provide services to citizens directly. This includes coordination of the work of government employees working in service centers, monitoring and evaluation, mutual integration of databases of government agencies, acceleration of the process of electronic services and improved management in this area.

On 29 December 2012, “ASAN service” center No 1 was launched in Baku as a pilot project. In May 2013, an “ASAN service” center was commissioned in Sumgayit. This was followed by the opening of “ASAN service” centers No 2 and 3 in Baku, and another center in Ganja. Most of the applications to the five centers are associated with the receipt and replacement of identity cards, replacement of driving licenses, notary activities, migration and property matters. Whereas earlier “ASAN service” centers provided 23 legal services, now 10 state bodies provide 30 types of services. At the same time, 28 functional support services are also available at the centers. All this is an important part of the Azerbaijani government’s policy on developing a new approach in the relationship between civil servants and citizen.

The State Agency for Public Services and Social Innovation is also expanding its international relations. A presentation on “ASAN service” operations was made at a conference on "Innovation and mobile signature as a means of new digital integration with Europe" held at the European Parliament in February of this year. This fact confirms once again that there is a great international interest in “ASAN service”, an Azerbaijani brand which attracts attention worldwide. It is no coincidence that senior officials of several countries visiting Azerbaijan get acquainted with the activities of “ASAN service”.

Baku “ASAN service” Center No 4, located at 8A Peace Street in Bakikhanov settlement of Sabunchu district, is starting to operate. The center will provide services to 408,000 people registered in the Sabunchu, Khazar and Pirallahi districts.

The President was informed that the five-storey building was constructed in accordance with the highest standards. There is a photo stand describing the life and activities of nationwide leader Heydar Aliyev, who has made an invaluable contribution to the development of independent Azerbaijan.

It was noted that “ASAN service” centers would provide services to all residents of Baku regardless of where they are registered. For the first time ever, a Centre for the Rights of the Child has been established together with UNICEF.

Various activities and educational courses on children's rights are to be conducted here together with UNICEF.

Also displayed at the center is a stand of the Public Association IDEA (International Dialogue for Environmental Protection) established on the initiative of the Vice-President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, Leyla Aliyeva.

The objectives of “ASAN service” centers are to provide legal services provided by government authorities, ensure transparency, eliminate cases of corruption, apply advanced technology, use the principle of "one window", develop a new way of thinking between civil servants and citizens, and promote the philosophy that the "duty of civil servants is to ensure the rights of citizens". The main principles of “ASAN service” centers include efficiency, transparency, courtesy, responsibility, control over the rules of ethical conduct, and comfort. Along with this, State Agency for Public Services and Social Innovation and the “ASAN service” centers subordinated to it as government bodies building and developing their activities in accordance with high standards, are governed by the "common space" principle.

During familiarization with the electronic areas describing the activities of the center, President Ilham Aliyev was informed that the experience of “ASAN service” was highly regarded by many international partners and experts and is touted as an Azerbaijani model. The introduction of “ASAN service” as a successful model is encouraged not only in Azerbaijan but also in other countries. This is one of the principal areas of collaboration with various international partners, including the European Union. As a result of the great interest, “ASAN service” has been awarded the international quality management certificate for compliance with ISO 9001:2008 standard.

The head of state reviewed the models of “ASAN service” centers under construction in Masalli, Barda and Sabirabad Districts. It was noted that these centers would also apply the highest standards. It was indicated that work was currently under way on the English version of the “ASAN service” magazine published in the Azerbaijani language now.

The President of Azerbaijan was also informed about the “ASAN-2" concept. It was noted that the introduction of the “ASAN-2" concept would elevate public services to a new level. Services will be put on electronic rails and become easily accessible. Self-service kiosks at “ASAN service” centers will play an important part in minimizing contact and dialogue between civil servants and citizens. To do this, kiosks will enable the recording of biometric data, payments in cash and with plastic cards. Another innovation of this concept is that thanks to the application of modern technology the buildings of “ASAN service” will have the function of self-supply with energy. The solar panels installed will supply electricity to the buildings.

Then, while in the innovation room, President Ilham Aliyev examined the innovative equipment to be applied in the future. In accordance with the Order signed by the President on 11 February of this year, consistent work has been done to develop the “ASAN ödəniş” system. The system eliminates direct contact between citizens and civil servants, ensures transparency and efficiency, prevents corruption and other negative phenomena. The “ASAN ödəniş” portal was established. It is a multifunctional payment portal enabling electronic payment of administrative fines and payments related to the execution of court judgments. In addition, the initial sample of the “ASAN ödəniş” terminal is now ready.

Using this terminal citizens can make payments in cash and in a noncash manner. The mass production of the terminals is expected to begin in September. It is a product of Azerbaijan and has no analogues in terms of its functionality. One of its main features is that it can return change both in banknotes and in coins.

The President was also informed about the application of the ASAN mobile software. It was noted that the mobile software of “ASAN service” was created for people’s comfort. Applicants can use their mobile phones to fill out electronic application forms associated with relevant services. In addition, it is possible to reproduce the applications filled out previously.

President Ilham Aliyev also reviewed the biometric "migration card" of Azerbaijani citizens. It was noted that the mobile station for the registration of personal and biometric data and the equipment for printing cards have been designed in accordance with the latest technologies. The goal of the project is to systematize the process of registration of emigrants from Azerbaijan.

The HELP POINT equipment also has extensive features. HELP POINT is designed to provide information to visitors and citizens of the country about recreation areas, attractions, restaurants, public agencies, “ASAN service” centers, etc. In addition, there is a reference base on ASAN volunteers. This database stores information about 1,500 volunteers.

There are plans to widely use the services of volunteers during a series of upcoming international events in the country, including the first European games to be held in 2015.

Then the head of state was informed about the electronic control system GPS. This system is intended to simplify measures of control over prisoners.

President Ilham Aliyev was informed in detail about “co-working”, “car sharing”, “ASAN application – a conceptual design”, “ASAN Mobile Government – an Azerbaijani solution" and other innovations expected in the future.

The President was familiarized with the conditions created on other floors of the center. As is the case with the other centers, this center is equipped with computers connected to the Internet and is well suited for the provision of all types of electronic services to the population.

It was noted that in order to enable effective pastime at the “ASAN service” center, there are various functional support services such as banks, insurance centers, legal aid and translation services, a laboratory, a medical station, an Internet café, post offices, and a photo studio. Using special terminals it is also possible to make payments for mobile communication, Internet, electricity, water, gas and other utilities, as well as credit and insurance payments. All services provided at the center are also continuously recorded on video. The system is equipped with modern IP telephony and IP network. In order to regulate the services, electronic displays and bulletin boards are available. The center has surveillance cameras and displays stating the amount of fees.

It was noted that the total number of employees of the center is 209, including 60 volunteers.

“ASAN service” is also known for various social events to support creative activity. The center has a section of contemporary art “YARAT”. There is “ASAN parking” and a separate playroom for children here. In the courtyard of “ASAN service” center No 4 there is a "Children’s automobile camp".

President Ilham Aliyev reviewed the camp as well.

It was noted that the camp has all the conditions for children to learn traffic rules and become familiar with traffic signs. It will organize regular courses for kids.

Meeting with the center’s staff , President Ilham Aliyev said:

- A new “ASAN service” center is opening today. This is a great event. I heartily congratulate you on this occasion!

I am very pleased that “ASAN service” centers employ our youth – both volunteers and other citizens working here. This means innovation, modernity and development.

The launch of an “ASAN service” center in the Sabunchu district will almost completely resolve this issue in Baku. There are already “ASAN service” centers in Ganja and Sumgayit. The projects shown to me today are great too. “ASAN service” centers will be set up in Sabirabad, Masalli, Barda and everywhere in the future, because Azerbaijani citizens should receive advanced services.

“ASAN service” is a product of Azerbaijan, an Azerbaijani brand. In a short time these centers have processed 1.5 million applications. This is an indicator in itself. Ninety-seven per cent of those who have applied here are satisfied with the activity of “ASAN service”. Given the fact that “ASAN service” is only one year old, I believe that this figure will reach 100 per cent in the future. Azerbaijani citizens are worthy of such services. I am confident that this initiative will be implemented not only in Azerbaijan but also in other countries.

The services, care and attention to Azerbaijani citizens should be at the highest level. I have repeatedly said that every civil servant should serve his people with dignity and honor. The establishment of “ASAN service” is a result and manifestation of this policy.

The services provided here, the transparency and culture should be available throughout the country. We are modernizing our country, our country is developing successfully. There are and will be great results in all areas.

I congratulate you on this wonderful event again. I am confident that it is pleasant to work at this “ASAN service” center. Service to people should be the main principle for every civil servant. I heartily congratulate you and wish you success.


Date: 06-05-2014 17:42