President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev examined the activities of the Ganja “ASAN xidmət” center of the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has examined the activities of the Ganja “ASAN xidmət” center of the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations.

In recent years, considerable work has been done to apply information and communication technologies to the activities of government agencies and develop an appropriate legal framework. Most government agencies provide electronic services to the population. Such services prevent bureaucratic obstacles and possible cases of corruption. On 13 July 2012, an important reform was carried out in this area – the State Agency for public services and social innovation under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and “ASAN xidmət” centers subordinated to it were established. The goal in establishing this agency was to facilitate management of “ASAN xidmət” centers from a single institution and provide direct services to citizens. This includes coordination of government employees of service centers, oversight and evaluation, mutual integration of databases of state bodies, accelerated organization of electronic services and improvement of governance in the region.

On 29 December 2012, “ASAN xidmət” No 1 began to operate in Baku as a pilot project. In May 2013, an “ASAN xidmət” center was opened in Sumgayit. This was followed by the launch of “ASAN xidmət” centers No 2 and 3 in Baku. Most applications to the four centers have been associated with obtaining and replacement of identity cards, driver's licenses, notary activities, as well as migration and property issues.

Initially “ASAN xidmət” centers provided 23 legal services. Now the list of services has been supplemented by the issuance of work permits to foreigners and stateless persons and of statements from the State Real Estate Register. Thus, the number of legal services provided by public authorities has been brought to 25. This forms an important part of the policy of the Azerbaijani state towards formation of a new approach to the relations between civil servants and citizens.

The chairman of the State Agency for public and social innovation under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Inam Karimov, informed the President that the “ASAN xidmət” center in Ganja began to provide services to citizens on 21 December 2013. The Ganja “ASAN xidmət” center serves the population of the city and several neighboring districts.

The park located opposite the building has been reconstructed. The LED-panel installed in the park shows continuous information about the services available at the “ASAN xidmət” center, as well as the duties, districts covered by the center, etc. “ASAN xidmət” also conducts various social programs related to the support of art. The center operates a section of contemporary art “YARAT”.

The President examined the building.

There is also a stand of the International Dialogue on Environmental Action, IDEA, which is a campaign initiated by the Vice President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, Leyla Aliyeva. One of the innovations used at the center is the operation of the Exit-poll. This helps find out what people think about the services. This innovation also gives the center the opportunity to determine the quality of the services provided. The results of the survey are instrumental in taking the necessary measures on certain issues.

The President was informed about the electronic kiosk of complaints operating at the center. By phoning call center "108", people have the opportunity to express their views on the services provided and make suggestions through a live video link. President Ilham Aliyev was also familiarized with the conditions created for center employees. It was noted that the center has a total of 165 employees, including 55 volunteers.

The Ganja “ASAN xidmət” center serves residents of this city, as well as Naftalan, Shamkir, Gadabay, Dashkasan, Goygol, Goranboy, Samukh, Kalbajar and Khojaly Districts. Using the call center people can receive information about all types of services and the documents required, and take a turn using the Internet or telephone. In order to ensure transparency, all procedures at the center are continuously recorded on a video camera. The center has modern IP telephony and IP network systems. To regulate the provision of services, the center is equipped with electronic monitors and electronic notice boards, surveillance cameras and displays stating the amount of state duties. It is also equipped with computers that have permanent access to the Internet. The center has all the conditions for citizens to be able to use all kinds of electronic services.

To enable rational use of time while people wait for their turn, the “ASAN xidmət” center operates functional support services such as banks, insurance centers, legal aid and translation centers, a laboratory, a first-aid station, an Internet café, a post office, and a photo studio. The special terminals established at the center can be used to pay mobile communication, Internet, electricity, water, gas and other bills, loan installments and insurance payments. People are received on the basis of an electronic queue. The most modern equipment is available to do that.

It was brought to the President’s attention that the web-site of the service ( enables online registration of people’s turns, filling out of electronic applications, sending of electronic documents to various agencies, etc. People applying to the "Electronic Information Center" may examine information, fill out an online application and print it out. The electronic displays and signs make the process of obtaining information quite easy. Moreover, the center provides citizens with 22 functional auxiliary services. There is also a system for the collection of biometric data. The system can make biometric photographs, take fingerprints, make electronic signatures, etc. The “ASAN xidmət” center is an institution where nine government agencies provide 25 legal services.

It was noted that in 25 days of its operation the center has been approached by about 20,000 people. There are 1,300-1,500 applications a day. Then the President met with the staff and volunteers of the “ASAN xidmət” center.

Saluting the staff of the center, President Ilham Aliyev said:

- “ASAN xidmət” is now available in Ganja. This is a great event. This work has already begun in the regions. This structure is now available in the cities of Baku, Sumgayit and Ganja, and people are showing great interest. There have been about a million applications in just one year, and everyone is happy. This is a new service, a service that brings great benefit to the renewing Azerbaijan. People are provided with high-level services. At the same time, “ASAN xidmət” is important to eliminating all negative phenomena. Of course, all our government agencies that are in direct contact with the people should gradually provide services at this level to avoid bureaucracy, bribery and corruption. People should be provided with qualified and cultured services. I believe that the establishment of “ASAN xidmət” will play a role not only in the field of public services, but also in the successful and modern development of our country as a whole in the future. I know that other bodies are also in the process of organizing their work at the level of “ASAN xidmət”.

We are building a modern and strong state. The Azerbaijani state should not have any negative phenomena. All existing problems must be resolved. The activities of “ASAN xidmət” are a great support for our work in this direction. I am very glad that the citizens of Azerbaijan have a lot of support and sympathy for the activity of this structure, and this step is highly appreciated. As I have repeatedly said, “ASAN xidmət” is a product of Azerbaijan, an Azerbaijani invention, and it is possible that other countries will take advantage of this example. According to my information at least, other countries have a great interest in the activities of the organization.

The year-long activity in itself is a good indicator. We all know that new projects or initiatives may be successful in the early stages, but then there are some difficulties and the level drops. In “ASAN xidmət” this is not the case. I believe that in one year the structure has raised its work to a high level, provides mobile services, specially equipped buses are regularly sent to the regions. We will set up at least four, perhaps even five new “ASAN xidmət” centers in Azerbaijan this year.

Such a service should be organized in all regions and then in each city. It is remarkable that this institution brings together volunteers as well. And it is very good for you and for society. It is good for you because you have the opportunity to assert yourself in a very important public role as young people. It is good for society because the movement of volunteers in general deserves high approval. It is a manifestation of good intentions, patriotism, a sign of affection to people and the state. If someone wants to make a voluntary contribution to the common cause, this should only be welcomed. I believe that the activities of volunteer groups will play a role in the successful development of society.

So I salute and thank you for joining this work. I am confident that in the coming years the Ganja “ASAN xidmət” center will be in the leading place, so to speak. In the future there will be many such structures, new centers will be opened and there will be a healthy competition among all centers. I salute and wish you every success.

Volunteer from Ganja Nigar Tagiyeva: Mr. President, first of all I want to welcome you on behalf of our volunteers. Hearing last year that the “ASAN xidmət” center was established in Baku, we were all very happy because volunteers of our age are employed by a public body there. But we never thought that this organization would also operate in Ganja in such a short time. This made us all very happy. On behalf of our volunteers I express our gratitude to you for creating such conditions for us and helping us to work in a public body from a young age. Thank you for your attention. Thank you very much.

President Ilham Aliyev: Thank you.


Date: 20-01-2014 12:56